Language:  Sadri, Oraon

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PRIMARY Language
(1 people groups)
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Photo People Group Country Population Progress Scale
 Rautia Bangladesh 1,200 ☀︎
  Totals:  1     1
(43 people groups)
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Photo People Group Country Population Progress Scale
Asur India 41,000
 Baiga India 682,000
 Bathudi India 274,000 ☀︎
 Bedia (Hindu traditions) India 666,000 ☀︎
Bhil Dhanka India 235,000
 Bhil Mina India 129,000
 Bhogta India 304,000 ☀︎
 Bhoksa India 71,000 ☀︎
 Bhuiya Ghatwar India 374,000
 Bhumij India 1,340,000
 Binjhia India 213,000
Birhor India 25,000
 Birjia India 17,000
 Chero India 241,000
 Dusadh Bahelia India 825,000 ☀︎
 Gond Dhuriya India 199,000
Gond Jhare India 120,000 ☀︎
 Gond Muria India 822,000
Gond Nagawasi India 181,000
 Gond Rajgond India 1,447,000
Gond Singhrolia India 28,000 ☀︎
 Gond unspecified India 10,221,000
 Gorait India 12,000
 Ho India 1,288,000
 Karmali India 154,000
 Kawar India 1,196,000
 Kharia India 906,000
 Kharwar India 695,000
 Kori India 3,090,000
 Korwa India 542,000
 Kui Khond India 1,585,000
Lohra India 311,000
 Mahali India 98,000
 Mahli India 487,000
 Malto India 226,000
 Munda India 4,403,000
 Musahar (Hindu traditions) India 3,747,000
 Oraon India 5,360,000
 Pan India 1,625,000
 Santal (Sawntal) India 9,026,000
 Saora unspecified India 952,000
Sauria Paharia India 62,000
 Tharu India 545,000
  Totals:  43     32

Language Alternate Names

Borail Sadri
Mokkan Tila Sadri
Nurpur Sadri
Uchai Sadri

Dialect Alternate Names
Sadri, Oraon: Borail Sadri
Sadri, Oraon: Nurpur Sadri
Sadri, Oraon: Uchai Sadri
Sadri: Chillo-Millo

Bible Translation Year / Status
Bible Portions Yes
New Testament 2003
Complete Bible None Reported
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Audio Recordings Audio Bible teaching Global Recordings Network
Film / Video Jesus Film: view in Sadri, Oraon Jesus Film Project
General Scripture Earth Gospel resources links Scripture Earth
Text / Printed Matter Topical Scripture booklets and Bible studies World Missionary Press

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