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Primary Language
(2 people groups)
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Photo People Group Country Population Progress Scale
 Dhimal India 5,800
 Rajbansi (Hindu traditions) Bhutan 9,800
  Totals:  2     2
Secondary Language
(37 people groups)
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Photo People Group Country Population Progress Scale
 Bairagi (Hindu traditions) Nepal 283,000
 Bangali (Hindu traditions) Nepal 30,000
 Bhoi (Hindu traditions) Nepal 146,000
 Byansi Nepal 4,900
 Christian India 1,504,000
Churaute Nepal 2,800
 Domar (Hindu traditions) Nepal 16,000
 Halwai (Hindu traditions) Nepal 97,000
 Kayastha (Hindu traditions) Nepal 52,000
 Koch (Hindu traditions) India 60,000
 Koch (Hindu traditions) Nepal 1,800
 Koiri (Hindu traditions) Nepal 355,000
 Kurmi (Hindu traditions) Nepal 268,000
 Majhi Nepal 97,000
 Mali (Hindu traditions) Nepal 17,000
 Mallah (Hindu traditions) Nepal 201,000
 Mech Nepal 5,800
 Munda, Horo Nepal 2,600
 Musahar (Hindu traditions) Nepal 272,000
 Nai (Hindu traditions) Nepal 137,000
 Oraon, Dhangar Nepal 46,000
 Rai Nepal 717,000
 Rajbansi (Hindu traditions) Bangladesh 1,602,000
 Rajbansi (Hindu traditions) India 5,046,000
 Rajbansi (Hindu traditions) Nepal 133,000
 Rajbansi (Muslim traditions) India 300
 Santal (Sawntal) Nepal 60,000
 Sarki Nepal 435,000
 Shaikh Nepal 948,000
 Sonar (Hindu traditions) India 8,322,000
 Sonar (Hindu traditions) Nepal 76,000
 Sunri (Hindu traditions) Nepal 108,000
 Sunuwar Nepal 65,000
 Tajpuriya Nepal 22,000
 Tamboli (Hindu traditions) Nepal 93,000
 Teli (Hindu traditions) Nepal 428,000
 Yadav (Hindu traditions) Nepal 1,053,000
  Totals:  37     32

Language Alternate Names
Anchalit Bangla
Bahe Bangla
Deshi Bhasa
Koch Rajbanshi
Rajbangsi, India

Kamta (india) / Rangpuri (bangladesh)

Dialect Alternate Names

Bible Translation Year / Status
Bible Portions 2008-2011
New Testament Yes
Complete Bible None Reported

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