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Photo People Group Country Population Progress Scale
Ager (Muslim traditions) Pakistan 8,900
 Badhai (Muslim traditions) Pakistan 91,000
 Bahna (Muslim traditions) Pakistan 196,000
 Bania unspecified India 16,981,000
 Barwala (Muslim traditions) Pakistan 612,000
 Bhat (Hindu traditions) India 1,643,000
 Bhil Pakistan 609,000
 Brahmin unspecified India 34,563,000
 Chamar (Hindu traditions) India 54,313,000
 Chamar (Muslim traditions) Pakistan 238,000
 Devipujak Vaghri (Hindu traditions) India 664,000
 Dhangar Bharwad India 3,305,000
 Dhobi (Muslim traditions) Pakistan 1,287,000
 Gujar (Muslim traditions) Pakistan 5,180,000
 Hajam Pakistan 2,302,000
 Jat (Muslim traditions) Pakistan 13,429,000
 Koli (Hindu traditions) India 2,661,000
 Koli (Hindu traditions) Pakistan 276,000
Koli (Muslim traditions) Pakistan 83,000
 Koli of Gujarat India 9,763,000
Koli of Sind (Hindu traditions) India 94,000
Koli of Sind (Hindu traditions) Pakistan 39,000
Koli of Sind (Muslim traditions) Pakistan 30,000
Koli Patelia India 551,000
Koli, tribe India 142,000
 Kumhar (Kusavar) (Hindu traditions) India 18,811,000
 Kumhar (Muslim traditions) Pakistan 3,946,000
 Kunbi (Hindu traditions) India 15,602,000
 Kunbi (Hindu traditions) Pakistan 401,000
Kunbi Anjna India 459,000
 Kunbi Kadwa India 1,392,000
 Kunbi Lewa India 2,381,000
 Lohana India 690,000
 Lohar (Hindu traditions) India 11,340,000
 Lohar (Muslim traditions) India 739,000
 Lohar (Muslim traditions) Pakistan 2,224,000
 Machhi (Muslim traditions) Pakistan 2,406,000
 Mahratta Kunbi India 9,017,000
 Mahratta Kunbi Pakistan 140,000
 Mahyavanshi India 1,976,000
 Makwana (Hindu traditions) India 79,000
 Mali (Hindu traditions) India 11,821,000
 Megh (Hindu traditions) India 4,700,000
 Megh (Hindu traditions) Pakistan 398,000
 Memon India 718,000
 Miana India 86,000
 Mochi (Hindu traditions) India 2,308,000
 Mochi (Muslim traditions) Pakistan 3,544,000
 Nai (Hindu traditions) India 14,275,000
 Pardhi India 433,000
 Rabari (Hindu traditions) India 1,260,000
 Rathawa India 773,000
 Rathawa Pakistan 9,300
 Ravalia India 628,000
 Shenva (Hindu traditions) India 140,000
 Sonar (Hindu traditions) India 8,308,000
 Targala India 42,000
 Teli (Hindu traditions) India 22,524,000
 Teli (Muslim traditions) Pakistan 3,024,000
 Thakkar India 693,000
 Thakkar Pakistan 12,000
 Valmiki (Hindu traditions) India 5,798,000
Valmiki (Muslim traditions) Pakistan 86,000
 Yadav (Hindu traditions) India 40,857,000
 Yadav (Hindu traditions) Pakistan 27,000
 Yadav Gaoli India 5,771,000
 Yadav Gola India 5,831,000
 Yadav Gualbans (Hindu traditions) India 5,780,000
  Totals:  68     68

Language Alternate Names
Mayvasi Koli
Mewasi (Mayvasi Koli)
Tharadari Koli
Wadiyara Koli
Wadiyari Koli

Hasoria Bhil
Hasoria Koli
Nairya Koli
Rardro Bhil
Tharadari Bhil
Tharadari Koli
Wadiyara Koli

Dialect Alternate Names
Gujarati Thradari Koli
Gujarati, Vadiara Kohli
Gujarati: Tharadari Kohli
Koli, Tharadari
Koli, Wadiyara
Koli, Wadiyara: Mewasi
Koli, Wadiyara: Tharadari Bhil
Koli, Wadiyara: Tharadari Koli
Mayvasi Kohli
Mayvasi Koli
Vadiara Kohli

Bible Translation Year / Status
Bible Portions Yes
New Testament 2017-2022
Complete Bible None Reported

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