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(12 people groups)
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Photo People Group Country Population Progress Scale
 Arghun Pakistan 2,400
 Balti India 62,000
 Balti Pakistan 47,000
 Gara Pakistan 1,200
 Jangam (Muslim traditions) Pakistan 1,100
 Makhmi Pakistan 125,000
 Mangrik Pakistan 53,000
Mon Pakistan 1,300
 Rigzong Pakistan 1,700
 Tarakhehas Pakistan 27,000
 Tibetan Pakistan 6,700
 Yashkun Pakistan 2,000
  Totals:  12     12
(40 people groups)
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Photo People Group Country Population Progress Scale
 Awan Pakistan 5,680,000
 Bafinda Pakistan 105,000
 Bengali Muslim Moghal India 2,073,000
 Bengali Muslim Moghal Pakistan 1,354,000
 Brahmin unspecified India 34,563,000
 Broq-Pa India 58,000
Budhan (Muslim traditions) Pakistan 17,000
 Burusho Pakistan 261,000
 Christian Pakistan 341,000
 Dhund India 12,000
 Dhund Pakistan 736,000
Galleban India 1,600
 Gujjar (Muslim traditions) India 1,201,000
 Gujjar (Muslim traditions) Pakistan 2,519,000
 Hajam Pakistan 2,302,000
 Kashmiri (Muslim traditions) India 7,945,000
 Kashmiri (Muslim traditions) Pakistan 1,311,000
 Khatri (Muslim traditions) Pakistan 1,198,000
 Kumhiar (Muslim traditions) Pakistan 48,000
 Lohar (Muslim traditions) Pakistan 2,224,000
 Mahali India 97,000
 Mallik (Muslim traditions) Pakistan 16,000
 Mangrik India 28,000
 Mirasi (Hindu traditions) India 251,000
 Pashtun Pakistan 32,097,000
 Pashtun, Pathan India 9,136,000
 Rajput (Hindu traditions) India 27,599,000
 Rajput (Muslim traditions) India 1,954,000
 Rajput (Muslim traditions) Pakistan 5,227,000
Rajput Gakkhar Pakistan 73,000
Rajput Khokhar Pakistan 76,000
Saryara (Muslim traditions) Pakistan 1,900
 Sayyid Pakistan 6,615,000
 Shaikh Pakistan 11,953,000
 Shin Pakistan 42,000
 Sonar (Muslim traditions) Pakistan 372,000
 Tarakhehas India 15,000
 Tarkhan (Muslim traditions) Pakistan 3,169,000
 Teli (Muslim traditions) India 2,013,000
 Wattal (Muslim traditions) India 6,800
  Totals:  40     39

Language Alternate Names
Bhoti of Baltistan
Bhotia of Baltistan


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Film / Video The Hope Video Mars Hill Media
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