Wall of the Unreached

Imagine a "Vietnam Memorial style" prayer wall listing every unreached people group. The Wall of Unreached Peoples is a powerful way to convey a vision for the unreached at your church or conference. Unleashed for the Unreached has several different walls available.

The Wall of Unreached Peoples is a traveling exhibit, designed to convey the true immensity of reaching the world’s remaining unreached peoples. The Wall features the list of approximately 7,000 unreached peoples from Joshua Project. The experience will provide concrete next steps to learn, pray, send, go, and mobilize others to do the same.

Unleashed for the Unreached is an initiative that connects local churches with unreached peoples and cities, facilitated by trained Project Fulfillment Specialists, peer mentoring, and abundant prayer. We'd like to raise up a core group of intercessors and advocates for unreached people groups across the globe.

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