Prayer Curtains

The International Orality Network Conference did something to help others to see unreached people in a different way.

To help conference participants visualize the vastness of LOSTNESS that is across the globe, they downloaded prayer cards from the Joshua Project site, printed and assembled them to suspend from the ceiling of the area used for the prayer room. The entire room was filled floor to ceiling with the prayer cards on strings!

As the conference participants came into the room, they had to work their way through the people - literally moving through them to get through the prayer room. Some participants commented: "How moving it was to pass through the masses" and "For the first time I understood and saw first-hand the peoples of the world who need the Gospel."

When one participant got home from the conference, the Lord impressed her to ask at her church to do something similar. In their Prayer Chapel they have two small alcoves that really been used just for storage. They set up an area to help others how to understand and pray for the unreached. Many groups are now coming back and using the prayer chapel to pray together for unreached people groups in a whole new way. They have had lots of activity and positive feedback.

Prayer Cards

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