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Primary Language
(1 people groups)
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Photo People Group Country Population Progress Scale
 Bhil Tadvi India 553,000
  Totals:  1     1
Secondary Language
(37 people groups)
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Photo People Group Country Population Progress Scale
Barda India 4,100
 Bhil Barela India 1,182,000
 Bhil Dubla India 151,000
Bhil Mankar India 269,000
 Bhil Mavchi (Hindu traditions) India 590,000
Bhil Nihal India 392,000
Bhil Paware India 122,000
 Bhil unspecified India 14,544,000
 Bhil Vasave India 1,392,000
 Brahmin unspecified India 34,711,000
 Christian India 1,492,000
 Dhanka India 498,000
 Dhobi (Hindu traditions) India 12,571,000
 Dhodia India 807,000
 Dubla unspecified India 459,000
 Gamit India 541,000
 Kathodi India 371,000
 Kokna India 1,282,000
 Koli Dhor India 488,000
 Koli Mahadev India 1,985,000
 Koli of Gujarat India 9,821,000
 Kumhar (Hindu traditions) India 18,593,000
 Kunbi (Hindu traditions) India 15,599,000
Kunbi Anjna India 459,000
 Kunbi Kadwa India 1,393,000
 Kunbi Lewa India 2,381,000
 Lohar (Hindu traditions) India 11,260,000
 Mahar (Buddhist traditions) India 11,284,000
 Mahratta Kunbi India 9,014,000
 Matang (Hindu traditions) India 3,072,000
 Naikda India 4,265,000
 Pardhi India 430,000
 Patelia India 142,000
 Rajput (Hindu traditions) India 27,490,000
 Rathawa India 773,000
 Varli India 1,475,000
Vitholia India 30,000
  Totals:  37     34

Language Alternate Names
Dangs Bhil
Kakachhu-Ki Boli
Tadvi Bhil


Dialect Alternate Names
Bhili: Dangs
Bhili: Tadavi

Bible Translation Year / Status
Bible Portions Yes
New Testament 2017
Complete Bible None Reported

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