Ahmadi in India

Photo Source:  Asma Mirza 
People Name: Ahmadi
Country: India
10/40 Window: Yes
Population: 73,000
World Population: 167,100
Primary Language: Urdu
Primary Religion: Islam
Christian Adherents: 0.00 %
Evangelicals: 0.00 %
Scripture: Complete Bible
Online Audio NT: No
Jesus Film: Yes
Audio Recordings: Yes
People Cluster: South Asia Muslim - other
Affinity Bloc: South Asian Peoples
Progress Level:

Introduction / History

In the late 1880s the Ahmadi Muslim sect was established in the city of Qadian in the Punjab. It is founded on the teachings of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, who claimed to appear in fulfillment of prophesies regarding end times. Followers of this movement call themselves the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. They are now in over 200 countries worldwide. They live all over the northern states of India, but they have a low population.

What Are Their Lives Like?

Most of them are in business, but some Ahmadiyyas are farmers or day laborers. A council looks after their needs. They do not marry outside their community. The Ahmadiyyas are noted for evangelizing both Christians and Muslims. This has won them many enemies among mainline Muslims, but since they are fewer in number in India, they are relatively safe in that part of South Asia. They are free to call themselves "Muslims" in India, but there is a lot of pressure and even violent persecution of them in both Pakistan and Bangladesh for their unorthodox beliefs.

What Are Their Beliefs?

Mirza Ghulam Ahmadi said that he would bring about the triumph of Islam through peaceful means. He claimed to be the promised messiah and Mahdi, for whom Muslims have waited. His followers believe that Ahmadi appeared in the likeness of Jesus. The Ahmadis believe that Islam is the final dispensation for humanity as revealed to the Prophet Mohammed, but it's true path has been lost through the centuries. They think that they are leading people to the true way of Islam. The Ahmadis sincerely believe that if others followed the teachings of Ahmad and accepted him as a savior, the world would be a better place. Orthodox Muslims hate the Ahmadis, but they appreciate their ability to debate Christians and publicly bring doubt on the teachings of the Bible. Their theological beliefs are far different than other Muslims. They are about as far from mainline Islam as Mormonism is from biblically-based Christianity. One of the main reasons they differ so much from other Muslims is that they have their own savior, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, whom they believe is like a second coming of Christ. They put his teachings on par with those spelled out in the Koran; this alienates mainline Muslims.

What Are Their Needs?

The Ahmadis need a safe home where they can live in peace. But even more than that, they need the humility to accept Jesus Christ as the victorious, resurrected King of kings.

Prayer Points

* Pray that God gives them dreams and visions leading them to put their faith entirely in Jesus Christ. * Pray that they read about Jesus Christ in the Bible and give their lives to Him. * Pray that their leaders come to salvation and lead their community into a disciple making movement.

Text Source:   Keith Carey