Kamad in India

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Map Source:  People Group data: Omid. Map geography: UNESCO / GMI. Map Design: Joshua Project
People Name: Kamad
Country: India
10/40 Window: Yes
Population: 14,000
World Population: 14,000
Primary Language: Hindi
Primary Religion: Hinduism
Christian Adherents: 0.00 %
Evangelicals: 0.00 %
Scripture: Complete Bible
Online Audio NT: No
Jesus Film: Yes
Audio Recordings: Yes
People Cluster: South Asia Dalit - other
Affinity Bloc: South Asian Peoples
Progress Level:

Introduction / History

The Kamad people probably obtained their name from a local word for wood since they were once used as wood-cutters.

Where Are they Located?

Most of the Kamad people live in India's western state of Rajasthan.

What Are Their Lives Like?

Today most of them are landless people who work as wage laborers. They are a scheduled caste, which gives them low status. Socially most other communities look down on them. They have little education, especially the girls. The Kamads receive government assistance.

The Kamad people do not marry outside their community. Parents arrange marriages for their children often by exchange. Their marriages are monogamous unless the wife is barren, in which case they allow the husband to take another wife. At one time they had a bride price, but now there is a dowry. Only men can seek divorce. The Kamad people have nuclear families.
They have their own folk tales, folk songs, and oral traditions. They speak Marwari, one of the most widely spoken languages of northern India.

What Are Their Beliefs?

Like many people in Rajasthan, the Kamads are entirely Hindu. Ramdevji is their main deity and Hinglajmata is their community goddess. They depend on Garuda Brahmin priests to perform their life-cycle rituals.

What Are Their Needs?

The Kamad people need someone to help them rise above their poverty. It would be helpful for someone to provide them with educational opportunities that will give them new economic opportunities. They need someone to help raise their literacy rate through education.

Living in Rajasthan, they live far from any community that has responded to the gospel. Only about one in 1,000 have responded to Christ in this state.

Prayer Points

Pray for education and medical specialists to help them with their needs.
Pray for workers to go to them from other parts of India.
Pray for the Lord to give dreams and vision of the holy and righteous Savior to Kamad leaders, opening up this community to hear the gospel message.
Pray for believers to distribute Christian materials such as the JESUS Film and gospel recordings in Marwari. Pray for them to tune into radio broadcasts in this language.

Text Source:   Global Prayer Digest