Gabri in Chad

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People Name: Gabri
Country: Chad
10/40 Window: Yes
Population: 91,000
World Population: 91,000
Primary Language: Gabri
Primary Religion: Ethnic Religions
Christian Adherents: 49.00 %
Evangelicals: 33.00 %
Scripture: New Testament
Online Audio NT: Yes
Jesus Film: No
Audio Recordings: Yes
People Cluster: Chadic
Affinity Bloc: Sub-Saharan Peoples
Progress Level:

Introduction / History

The Darbe and the Dormon are two distinctly unique people groups. However they share many of the same legends, rituals and history. And though they speak different dialects, they understand each other 99 percent of the time. As a result, these two people groups decided to pool their resources and share one Bible translation, choosing the name Gabri Maja for this translation project. The lives of these two distinct people groups - Darbe and Dormon - are dominated by the traditional belief system "Kula." Mysticism and animism mix with Kula to create a stranglehold of fear and control over this region.

Two seasons dominate the lives of the Gabri Maja people - rainy and dry. Each six-month season dictates survival by impacting the crop cycle of yams, corn and rice. One of the largest crops in the region is cotton. The depth of the Gabri Maja people groups' character, innovation and bravery came to light when they collectively decided to stop negotiating through the cotton companies' middlemen. They learned to read, write, and count, which allowed the farmers to sell cotton directly to the processing plants.

Text Source:   Anonymous