Black Carib, Garifuna in Nicaragua

Black Carib, Garifuna
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People Name: Black Carib, Garifuna
Country: Nicaragua
10/40 Window: No
Population: 3,800
World Population: 166,800
Primary Language: Garifuna
Primary Religion: Christianity
Christian Adherents: 90.00 %
Evangelicals: 2.00 %
Scripture: Complete Bible
Online Audio NT: Yes
Jesus Film: Yes
Audio Recordings: Yes
People Cluster: Central American Indigenous, other
Affinity Bloc: Latin-Caribbean Americans
Progress Level:

Introduction / History

The Garífuna are a Nicaraguan people group with mixed African and Amerindian heritage. They are also located on the Atlantic coast of Guatemala, Belize and Honduras. Formerly called Black Caribs, this cultural group was exiled from British eastern Caribbean colonies during the eighteenth century. After siding with Spanish loyalists in Honduras’ 1830 war for independence, they migrated to Nicaragua, where most worked as seasonal loggers.

What Are Their Lives Like?

Integration to the larger culture differs based on each community’s location. Those who dwell in the Pearl Lagoon basin maintain traditional practices of hunting, fishing and agriculture. Overall, the Garífuna have been able to preserve their heritage. Punta is a widely recognized genre of Garífuna music and dance. Traditional foods are a combination of Central American and African dishes, such as machuca, dharasa, and cassava bread. Many Garífunas have migrated to the United States.

What Are Their Beliefs?

Catholicism is the majority religion among the Garífuna. However, African ancestral beliefs are central to traditional Garífuna heritage. These beliefs are maintained through ritual song and dance.

What Are Their Needs?

The Garifuna people need to put Christ first in their lives.

Prayer Points

Praise God for providing a Bible translation for this people group!
Pray for protection from false doctrine.
Pray the Garifuna would follow Jesus, making his teachings a priority.
Ask God to give them active discipleship, spiritual hunger and discernment.
Ask the Holy Spirit to transform the Garifuna by the renewal of their minds.
Pray faith would come from hearing the true Word of God, detached from cultural religions or other distractions from Christ.

Text Source:   Joshua Project