Alago, Idoma Nokwu in Nigeria

Alago, Idoma Nokwu
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People Name: Alago, Idoma Nokwu
Country: Nigeria
10/40 Window: Yes
Population: 109,000
World Population: 109,000
Primary Language: Alago
Primary Religion: Ethnic Religions
Christian Adherents: 35.00 %
Evangelicals: 8.00 %
Scripture: Portions
Online Audio NT: No
Jesus Film: No
Audio Recordings: Yes
People Cluster: Benue
Affinity Bloc: Sub-Saharan Peoples
Progress Level:

Introduction / History

The sub-Saharan Alago speakers raise the food their families need, including guinea corn, maize and millet grain. For those living in rural areas, meals, usually cooked outside, frequently include dodo (fried plantains) and foufou (pounded yam or pounded grain) with well-spiced soup made from vegetables and leaves. They enjoy lush tropical fruits like oranges, melons, grapefruit, limes, mangoes, bananas and pineapples year-round.

What Are Their Beliefs?

Many Alago people practice traditional religion deeply rooted in ethnic identity, sacred kingships and hereditary political office. Conversion to Christianity means a new cultural assimilation, yet 35 percent claim Gospel faith. The area has over nine Christian denominations. About 10 percent of the Alago follow another major world religion.

When Bible translation work began among the Alago more than 30 years ago, few people were interested. Today, however, Alago speakers are committed to developing their heart language. They want to share with family and friends bound by legalistic religion or perpetual fear of capricious spirits. Believers need mother tongue Scripture to effectively understand and share Christ.

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