Data Sources

Where did this data come from?

Joshua Project is not a formal research organization, but rather seeks to compile and integrate ethnic peoples information from various global, regional and national researchers and workers into a composite whole. Each of these sources may have varying methodologies, standards and levels of accuracy. Therefore, the margin of error may vary from data point to data point. While the data is the best available, numbers should be considered "ballpark."

Regional Sources:

Country Sources:

  • China - Asia Harvest / Operation China
  • India - Omid / South Asia engineer
  • Brazil - Latin America researchers
  • Numerous other national peoples researchers
  • On-site researchers, leaders and workers

We are deeply grateful to the sources above which have provided data to Joshua Project.

Global Editing

A special thank-you to Patrick Johnstone of Operation World for his extensive edits of Joshua Project people group data. He invested many hours reviewing people groups, populations and religions information.

Website Data Updates

The viewable data on the Joshua Project website is updated approximately every two weeks.